Shoulder Workout - NPC Figure Women: Mylene Queris & Mimi Bonny (EAT Not Diet)

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Watch a shoulder workout with two national level NPC Figure competitors! Me during off-season and Mylene Queris in the midst of her competition prep to getting her Pro Card at the IFBB North American Championships in less than 4 weeks!

Mylene's strength is her back and my strength is my shoulders. So we decided to work out together and do each other's workouts. 

Since Mylene has a strong back with awesome rear delts, we focused on the side and front delts.

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Shoulder workout:
1) Incline Dumbbell press 3x10
2) Dumbbell side laterals 140 reps! Use 3 weights and do 20 reps with each starting with heaviest weight. Work your way down then back up and then back down again non-stop!
3) Seated Dumbbell shoulder press 3x10
4) Upright row wide grip SS incline dumbbell front raise 3x10
5) incline side lateral raise 3x10
6) cable rear delt flyes 4x10 with last 2 sets with dropset till failure

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