How to Baby Crow Pose | Arm Balance

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The is the first arm balance in our series! Baby Crow is a fun little pose that requires quite a bit of hip flexibility, upper body and core strength. This is a good place to start for arm balances, once you build a steady baby crow practice you're setting up a strong foundation for Crow Pose and Crane Pose. (open for warm ups & links)

Watch this first - Intro to Arm Balances:

Warm up:
Warm up with Sun Salutations:
Core Strength:

Hip Flexibility:
More Hip Flexibility:

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AVOID: if you have any injuries, joint problems (knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, or if anything hurts/doesn't feel right. There is no jumping or launching to get into this pose, just balance, flexibility and strength, so be mindful, take your time and listen to your body first.

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