10 BREAKTHROUGH Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss

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Try these 10 bodyweight exercises to lose weight around your belly, hips, butt, and arms.

The 10 exercises to lose fat:

1.) Plie Squat Pulses
2.) Split-Stance Squats
3.) Push-up to Mountain Climber
4.) Squat to Alternating Twist
5.) Plank to Hands
6.) Reverse Lunge to Balance
7.) Push-up with Alternating Arm Lifts
8.) Alternating Plank Punches
9.) Frog Burpees
10.) Single-Leg Hip Bridges

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Workouts can greatly enhance your weight loss plan. However, a lot of people lose interest and stop exercising altogether when they are not properly motivated. There are fun things you can do to help you exercise. Follow these tips for weight loss success!

Using your favorite music during your workout gets you moving. By listening to music, you can increase your motivation to work out. The rhythms in music will make your body want to move. Follow the rhythm and cut loose. Enjoy the music and let go. If you aren't busy tracking how much longer you have left in the workout, you may even spend more time exercising than you originally intended.

Having a few of your friends to workout with you can help you stay in shape. You should start a conversation while you are working out - it will keep you from focusing on your body, and the time will speed by. You will be pleased at how much you will enjoy exercising when you do it with a friend.

Video game work outs are popular, fun and a fantastic method to work out in a new way. These games will interest your entire family. If you choose an activity that you enjoy, you will forget that you are exercising. The workout video game draws you in and you won't even notice that you are exercising.

Go shopping and get something snazzy to wear while working out. Having new clothes can make you feel motivated to shed pounds. There are so many different styles of workout clothing to choose from, which can make deciding on an outfit lots of fun. No matter what you choose, make sure it is flattering, so you feel motivated to start working out whenever you wear it.

You will tire of doing the same exercise every single day, over and over. You will not stick with exercise over the long haul if you do not enjoy it. To keep yourself motivated, switch up your routines regularly. Keep yourself interested in your workouts. Anything that breaks the routine for too long can make it really tough to get back in the groove!

A great idea is to reward yourself for reaching your goals. A reward provides the motivation you will need to complete the next step of your journey. Treat yourself with a new outfit after reaching your goals. You could even reward yourself with a small portion of something you really love to eat, a tiny and tasty treat.

Exercise can be wonderfully entertaining. There is no need to make it a chore. Exercise offers tremendous opportunity for variety. This article contains some useful advice to help you start to develop an enjoyable exercise regime.

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