Pilates quick 2 minute workout warm up hip opening flow (grounding balance flexibility exercises)

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Do you sit at work all day, only to do more sitting in traffic on your drive home?
If you have tight hips and hip flexors then this is the perfect flow to help you relax them.
The best part is you can do these postures anywhere with limited time.

Have some fun with this flow

- Start: Standing roll down one vertebrae at a time beginning with your head
- Forward Fold (walk hands away from feet)
- Down Dog
- 3 Legged Dog- Dragon Lunge (step foot outside hand)***Important: Keep knee stacked directly over ankle
- Torso Twist (Lift inner arm)
- Dragon Lunge Push-ups (weight in legs, keep elbows close to ribcage)
***Optional: bind one arm behind back- Extended side angle (Warrior 2 legs
- back foot planted on floor at 90 degree angle to front foot, core is tight, arms are reaching straight up and down in opposition to each other)
- 3 Legged Dog
- Down Dog
- Repeat on other side
- Finish: Full Vinyasa (high to low plank up dog down dog roll up one vertebrae at a time letting your head be the last to rise

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Yours in Wellness
- Blue

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