100 Lunge Challenge

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"Moving on is not about never looking back. It's about taking a glance at yesterday and realizing how much you have grown since then."

This week we are going to lift and tone your booty with some awesome lunge variations. I get questions from you and my clients often on how to sculpt the perfect glutes. One of my favorite ways to target the glutes is with lunges, so today we have 10 lunge variations, 10 repetitions each, totalling 100 lunges! Are you ready to take the 100 lunge challenge?

10 step back lunges LT
10 step back lunges RT
10 front-to-back lunges LT
10 front-to-back lunges RT
10 curtsy lunges LT
10 cursty lunges RT
10 lunge-to-heel-raise LT
10 lunge-to-heel-raise RT
10 switch lunges (you can do pulsing lunges if this is too advanced)
10 walking lunges

For the switch lunges and walking lunges you can decide if you count singles or count a right/left as one. You can also do pulsing lunges instead of switch lunges if that is too advanced for you. This is about challenging yourself and knowing that there is always room for improvement. Work hard, have fun, and you will see results!

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