Side Bend Pilates Exercise - Monica Wilson

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Muscle Focus: Abdominals, obliques, and shoulder stabilizers.
Objective: Abdominal strength and shoulder stabilization.

Start Position: Sit sideways with your legs bent to one side, with the top foot placed in front of the bottom foot (or stacked one on the other). Place the supporting hand in line with the seated hip a few inches in front of the shoulder.

Movement: Press into supporting hand and straighten the legs to lift the pelvis away fro the Mat, making a rainbow shape with the body. Press down through both feet to lift the waist and hips to the ceiling. Slightly bend the knees and and lower both hips to towards the Mat until the side of the calf touches the Mat. Lift the hips and waist towards the ceiling to again make the rainbow shape with the body. Repeat.

Precautions: Ensure that the bottom shoulder stays pulling away from the ear and that both shoulders are stacked one on top of the other. The body should be in a line as if it is between two walls.

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