Fat Burning Workout for Women (ULTIMATE FAT LOSS VIDEO!!)

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This fat burning workout for women will help you build strength and burn fat. It’s got a total of 710 fat burning reps! Will you make it through this entire fat burning workout?

These fat burn exercises will get your heart racing at the same time as they build muscle and burn fat. This fat burn workout contains 7 exercises that you’ll do for 10 reps each. You’ll repeat this portion of the fat burn workout for women 3 times through. Then you’ll top off this workout to burn fat with 500 high knees as a bonus! Time yourself doing this workout and tell us in comments how long it took.

Here are the exercises to burn fat that are found in this fat burn workout:

1) Burpees – 10 Reps
2) 2 Rows 2 Pushups – 10 Reps
3) Jump Squat w/Foot Grab – 10 Reps
4) Burpees – 10 Reps
5) Plank Jacks Holding a Pushup – 10 Reps
6) 3 Squats w/a Press Up – 10 Reps
7) Burpees – 10 Reps

Do for 3 rounds followed by the bonus, 500 High Knees!
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Often people fail to get in shape because they aren't motivated. If you know the right way to do it, exercising is fun! For many tips you can try, you should read the following article.

It is a great idea to play your favorite songs when you start exercising. If you are like most people, you will probably find it easier to move your body when you hear a good beat. When you exercise to music, try to think of it like dancing. If you take your thoughts somewhere else and not on how tired you are, you will work out for a few more minutes.

Ask a friend if they would be interested in exercising with you. When you are having fun socializing with your friends, your exercise time will pass by much faster. Focusing your attention on conversation with friends will distract you from the intensity of your workout.

If you are looking for a workout that you will actually enjoy, you should try a workout video game. An added benefit to these types of video games is that the whole family will like them! By having fun and doing something you enjoy, your mind will not be focused on the fact that you are exercising. When you play the game, you won't even be aware of the sweat, and you may even work out longer.

If you choose workout gear that looks good on you, it's a big motivator to get out there and exercise. Exercise clothing comes in many styles and colors, and you are sure to find exercise clothing that is fun to wear as well. When putting together an exercise outfit, get creative. The better you feel in your exercise clothes, the more motivated you will be to go out and exercise.

You will likely get tired of doing similar workouts every single day. It's a necessity to switch things up. As an example, instead of just sticking to your treadmill in your home, why don't you go out for a walk or jog? Keeping your exercise routine varied means that you will stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

Whenever you achieve a fitness goal, do not forget to give yourself a little reward. A small reward makes a good motivator. Choose a reward for yourself that will help motivate you into reaching your goals. You might reward yourself by going to a local theme park for the day.

Exercising does not have to be a drag. Look for ways to make your exercise routine so much fun that you look forward to doing it. The information you've read will help make exercising less tedious and more enjoyable for you.

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