23 Bench Exercises

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A box or bench can be a great way to add some variety to your workout routine and make basic bodyweight movements even more challenging without adding weights. Check out these 23 Bench Exercises for a full-body workout!

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1. Box Jack (:42)
2. Step Down (:53)
3. Hop Overs (1:03)
4. Step Ups (1:13)
5. Box Jumps (1:24)
6. Explosive Step Ups (1:37)
7. Box Shuffle (1:48)
8. Single Leg Squat to Bench (1:59)
9. Bench Crunches (2:10)
10. Bench Dips (2:21)
11. Balance Lunge (2:32)
12. Two-Way Leg Swings (2:43)
13. Incline Mountain Climbers (2:57)
14. Decline Mountain Climbers (3:08)
15. Off Bench Climbers (3:20)
16. Decline Push Ups (3:31)
17. Incline Push Ups (3:41)
18. Side Plank Off Bench (3:53)
19. Side Plank with Adductor Lift (4:00)
20. Lateral Push Up Walk (4:12)
21. Reverse Hypers (4:27)
22. Glute Bridge Off Box (4:38)
23. Off Bench Leg Lowers (4:51)
24. Coconut says, “Shake it off!” (5:21)

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Get some friends to join you when you exercise. While you are working out together, you can catch up on things. Friends make exercising fun. An interesting chat can take your mind off tedious exercise. Having company to chit-chat with is a lot more fun than working out alone.

Want to have fun while you are working out? Buy a video game that is designed to make exercise fun. A video game routine is an easy way to encourage all of your family members to join in. When you are having fun it will be easier to forget that you are actually exercising! When you play the game, you won't even be aware of the sweat, and you may even work out longer.

Purchase exercise outfits which flatter your body and make you feel as if you are an athlete. Putting on your workout clothes can get you in the proper mindset and help focus you on your exercise goals. You may find that specialized exercise clothes are costlier, although the wide range of items currently available helps make workouts more fun and less difficult.

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